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Avoiding Ugly Penis Bumps: 10 Hints for Banishing Unsightly Blemishes

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on October 13, 2014 - 2:13am
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Shaving bumps. Any man will get them, and no man wants them - it goes doubly for the under the belt variety. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for red, itchy bumps to rear their ugly little heads following a trim. But a couple of simple changes in the previous shaving routine may be enough to prevent shaving bumps down the road. The ten simple shaving tips given below will help promote an effortless, blemish-free and healthy penis.
Tips for Avoiding the Dreaded Razor Burn - * Allow penis bumps to heal: Give any existing bumps to be able to heal if you take Three or four days off from shaving. Once the area is smooth and clear, begin again with a brand new and improved shaving routine.
* Trim long hair first: Long male organ hair isn't only more prone to clog the razor; it may also pull hair, making the shaving process very uncomfortable. To remove this problem, it is - advisable to trim the pubic hair before shaving. A beard trimmer - while using 0 or 1 setting - - will cut near your skin, making it easier for the electric razor for balls razor to glide without pulling. No beard trimmer? Use scissors instead.
* Take a hot shower: A pleasant hot electric razor scooter e150 shower softens the hairs and razor electric scooter chain falling off opens hair roots, making shaving a piece of cake. Some men choose to please take a warm bath instead of a shower, as sitting down grants easier access to the equipment. Either way, warm water can help the process immensely, so it's recommended that men soak their boys for approximately Ten mins prior to getting after it using a razor.
* Exfoliate: Exfoliating the skin helps lose old skin debris that may clog pores and lead to ingrown hairs and bumps post-shaving. Men would be wise to exfoliate before shaving - not after - since the skin is more more likely to become irritated following an encounter with a razor.
* Use a shaving oil: Shaving oil differs from a shaving cream, since it pretreats your skin layer and moisturizes it to prevent and lessen razor burn. It can help the razor make room skin without friction, which reduces those pesky red bumps.
* Use high-quality supplies: There is a lot to be said for using a fantastic razor and quality shaving cream to reduce beneath the belt bumps. Men must avoid using a week-old razor, as it's more prone to cause friction and so bumps. A shaver with 3 blades or even more is the best for achieving a detailed shave; and lathering inside the goods with a quality shave oil or gel can leave the location much more and also smooth than a discount brand or bar of soap.
* Rinse the blade: Keeping a clear blade will be the closeness of the shave, lowering number of passes needed electric razor balls to take away the hair. It is important to be sure you fully rinse hair from the razor in between each swipe with the blade.
* Shave using the grain: Though it seems to be shaving from the grain removes hair faster, doing this can be a surefire way of getting shaving bumps. Picking the grain reduces ingrown hairs and irritation a result of the razor.
* Pull your skin taut: Loose skin is much more likely get nicked with the razor while shaving - ouch! Maintain your skin pulled tight because razor is passing over each location to prevent an agonizing nick.
* Skin treatment: Upon exiting the shower, pat the area dry and immediately apply a high-quality penis cream on the penile skin. A penis health formula (most physicians recommend Man 1 Man Oil) will replenish the moisture that shaving saps in the skin, helping maintain your area supple and healthy. Additionally, a penis cream containing minerals and vitamins might help fight bacteria, the industry major culprit in leading to the infected follicles of hair that appear post-shaving. Adding a penis treatment towards the post-shaving routine will help keep your penis healthy and bump free all year round.