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37 year old with an immense sense of pride when I listen to Snow's music. Her flow unique, her style common, and (I can't stress this enough) SHE DOES IT IN SPANISH TOO!!!!! I've been listening to her since 2015. First song I heard was "Holy Shit" and yeah she took those words and put it in a song! But after listening to "So Dope" with Tech9ne, and 2 male rappers where they talk about sex; she comes out "so dope" lastly and most def not the least. She blows my mind every time I listen to her (everyday). I am a hard core fan. i talk about her and MAKE people listen to her. if they at in my house you have no choice but to listen because she is who I will be listening to in my house. I pump her on my Bluetooth speaker on the bus, as I walk, waiting for the bus, at the store, EVERYWHERE. When they hear her people remind her of me. I just want people to KNOW what a real female rap artist should sound like and guess what............... She's can do it fluently in Spanish??????? I recently recommended my daughter to listen to her with my permission. She is 13 and she is an inspiration to me too. I'd like her to listen to Snow with hope she gets the same pride I get from listening to her and inspire her to not stop being a female n0o matter how feminine or not you are. I am truly a real fan of her as her lyrics are real to me. She goes!!!!! She is doing it and mainstream has no room for her. She is her own stream. When she does blow up she says it in "greetings Earthling" she is will blow it out of the water, blow your mind, and just out of this world. Snow, I love your songs, flows, and no real message just keeping it real. Congratulations on your success.
San francisco
My children, music, books, journaling, movies, building relationships, expanding my knowledge, seeking/searching for new to improve our future, and now downloading all of Snow's songs including collabs.
Favorite Bands: 
U2, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, The Roots, Los Tigres Del Norte, Los Horoscopos De Durango, Linkin Park, Evenescence, and these are just a few.
United States
Francisca Victoria Rios-Jimenez
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Reaggeton performers before they became famous with Nina Sky, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, and others in San Jose. Up in Smoke, I got 5 on it also in San Jose. I wish I would have been able to go to Vibe Higher.
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Yes! I want to discover more artists like Snow tha Product: